Building Hope By Bridging Communities

Somewhere beyond the sunset's end, the skies are bright and fair.
No shadows dim, no darkness falls - the land is peaceful there.

Someone with the power to heal, to guide and understand,
Is waiting there to claim our fears and take us by the hand.

So when a dear one heeds the call, our hearts should be at rest.
For there beyond the rainbow's end a loving God knows best .

~ Unknown ~
Amy Reyes (ACTS HOPE I)

Elizabeth Nelson (ACTS HOPE I)

Mark Hagen (ACTS HOPE I)
Amy Reyes               ACTS HOPE 1
Elizabeth Nelson     ACTS HOPE 1
Mark Hagen           ACTS HOPE 1​​ 
Denise Ezquerra​    ACTS HOPE Planning Committee
Goyo Zepeda Jr.    ACTS HOPE 1​
Tomasita Garcia    ACTS HOPE 1​
Daryl Dodds         ACTS HOPE 4​
Rosalinda Stern   ACTS HOPE 1​
Douglas Heilmann ACTS HOPE 7​
Edward Meza        ACTS HOPE 3​
Dezare Cedillo      ACTS HOPE 4​
Helen Lloyd ​         ACTS HOPE  Music Ministry
George Katz         ACTS HOPE 1 ​
Rachel  Martinez ACTS HOPE 5​
Linda Katz            ACTS HOPE 1​
Jacqueline Valdez   ACTS HOPE 6​
Sr Dolores Becker, BVM    ACTS HOPE  Spiritual Ministry​
Gloris Salinas ACTS HOPE 3​
Rita Recker    ACTS HOPE 9​
John Garcia     ACTS HOPE Planning Committee​

Healing, One body, Peace, Empathy
​Music and Lyrics by Jose Ruben De Leon
"...I am the light of the world." --John 9:5